The Night of the Creepy Carnival!

It’s a cold winter night at the carnival your Mum and Dad enter the carnival grounds. Your mum goes to the hypnotist and your dad goes to the wonder lama but you go to see what else is there. You walk past a tent and see clowns walking behind it in single file. they are not funny not even a little bit they are creepy. The lead clown glares at you as he moves through the carnival grounds into the twilight you follow the clowns. Something isn’t right about them. You want to find out what it is you peer around the corner and see a clown crying and its silently whispering “help me”. You walk into the tent. You see them coming back but this time with a boy and they shove him into a clown cabinet and they close the door and smoke covers the cabinet then the boy walk out as he disappears into the shadow with the other clown the other clown  is still there you put him into the cabinet but then the evil clown leader comes the is gone then the clown puts you into the cabinet but you turn into a mindless chicken! and your dentin to find a nest and lay an egg!!


by Brodie w


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